Another beautiful example

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Amazing student interiors project.

This is a stunning student project designing for a beef salt shop in London. An amazing working model showing their proposed shading mechanism that consists of pools of salted water in the skylights. As the water evaporates, shade is created by the salt that crystallises.

Also note the effective use of time lapse photography in documenting their model over time. A beautiful project.

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Anish Kapoor

As discussed in class the other day..


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Check out the amazing UK designers Troika. Their work lies at the intersection of art, design, architecture and speculation…

also here:

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Reading: Sense of the City

As reviewed on cca:

“Challenging the dominance of vision, Sense of the City: An Alternative Approach to Urbanism proposes a new approach – a “sensorial urbanism” whose aim is to analyze urban phenomena in terms of luminosity and darkness, seasons and climate, the smell of the air, the material surfaces of the city, and sounds. How do we perceive the urban settings that constitute the habitat of an ever greater proportion of the world’s population? In recent years, we have sought to better understand subtle, sensorial qualities of the urban environment, looking at how our perception, judgement, and tolerance of these phenomena are culturally and historically determined.”

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Drawing With Light

This is a lovely example of a sculpture that produces numerous light and shadow results. This is good piece of inspiration for a light and shadow drawing machine – imagine an intervention that produces different light and shadow images over the course of a day.

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Our project was accepted to Sydney Design 2011

Important Dates:

Submission for publication: April 11 (Images and Text)

Show dates: 30 July – 14 August

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